Venezuela – election results official

official election results in Venezuela

07.12.2015 – 06:11 — first election results from Venezuela Caracas:

The Oposition MUD won. Supposedly only with 99 seats, although Egebnisse already 108 seats determined from non-official circles have! Nevertheless, it is quite clear in any case that the Oposition has won and that there will be a change of power in any case!

Venezuela – GDR ^ 2 has an end

07.12.2015 – 06:24 — after a transition will take some years's until the dictatorship is completely supplanted Venezuela, but the people can look forward, because now I'm just still up! The corrupt politicians under President Maduro, today the bags full are infected and have let the people starve to death! Until the economy will recover them, it will take some time! To hope is that all politicians who have participated in the corruption, sitting in jail in the future and these funds will be confiscated and flowing again in the people!

Venezuela celebrates and we celebrate with all Venezuelanern with!

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