Turkey: more tough measures against Turkey

Due to the constant violations of human rights and the arrest of several German citizens in Turkey, such as journalists and people who defend human rights, but also because of the multiple entry forbidden by German politicians, who wanted to visit their soldiers on the NATO base, Germany has decided to further tough measures against Turkey!

These measures include inter alia are travel warnings in Turkey transactions, stop arms shipments and stop any applications for export authorisations of approved articles, and further action will follow, such as Granting of credit, etc.

Turkey currently transformed into a dictatorship, and joining the EU has become the distant! Is now really too far that imprisoned but journalists and human rights activists as terrorists, the German is called State, that he is supposedly to finance terrorists, and therefore is also the dollar-course editorial of opinion that one Erdowahn clearly must show that he can handle so with Europe and in particular Germany and its citizens!

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