Setback for the extreme parties!

EXTREME setback for EXTREME right and EXTREME left, like "Podemos" in Spain:
If the extreme parties think we humans are stupid, then you were wrong plenty! There are many stupid people, as in Austria, who have elected extreme right, but a few a few votes to avert the coming disaster yet at the last moment! … and the people learn, even the dumb ones!
AfD have chosen same dumb layer, at least 25% of the people living in Saxony! We assume, that these people also still learning!
Now, Switzerland has voted! She should vote in a referendum on whether a primary care will be introduced! 'Social' politicians wanted to insert a primary care, according to which every Swiss, regardless of whether he is working or not, would receive at least 2200 euro! The same has promised the party "Podemos" citizens in Spain! Most Swiss but in this referendum against this primary care voted, because most are not just stupid, but smart! Tribute to Swiss voters!
For one thing is obvious: who has to go if so and so all get primary care, which is indeed so high that a family with 3 dogs of 8 can of living in Spain to work actually still feel like? Where would the money come from, especially as Yes the rich investors so slowly, black important funds, withdraw your from Switzerland and who knows whether Switzerland had still so much money in 10 or 20 years, to pay each of the primary care?
A promised socialism, we remind ourselves, go went back and ended up mostly in a dictatorship! So back in Germany at Hitler's times in the GDR and today in Venezuela and always was also the consequence that people got less and less and the goods for a decent supplies no longer available were so starving today many people in Venezuela, because the supermarkets are empty, and some are travel, for which we pay 79 cents for a bag , over 8 hours and pay even with 5 euro!
We remember: the people in the GDR would be starved to death if there would have been no different! Only by reuniting the West Germany through the purchase of existing in the GDR State-owned factories, which had come the rest down and not economically worked and after sales at speculators were not the fraction value and was through the financing of East German citizens what citizens paid for many years by the West Germans, such as pensions and East Germany which could be unemployment and money of the social services, , what it is today! Forgotten that the Saxons!

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