England (UK) comes out of the EU (European Union)

gbp_im_freien_fallEngland has opted for the Brexit

By a narrow majority, England has opted for the Brexit, so the exit from the European Union!

After the first projections predicted remaining in Europe in the first hours, the end result in exactly the other moved now correctly!

This has very dire consequences for England (United Kingdom) and the EU (European Union):

The pound sterling (GBP) was already fallen to a value of 1.20 USD – so lowest value (crash) for over 31 years (1985). The pound is still plummeting!

Scotland has previously said that if England comes out of the European Union (EU), that Scotland will call a new referendum because it will then leave the UK (United Kingdom), then the European Union (EU) again at connect! Thus, extreme tax revenue lost the UK, because alone the tax revenues from the oil of Scotland amount annually more than 7 billion euros (2012) and this is just the amount of the overall England has paid to the European Union (EU)!

The London financial market will collapse and companies that previously used London as a financial market, will they take their companies in the remaining European Union, such as Frankfurt or Paris!

The unemployment rate in England will rise quickly to 25%! Many manufacturing companies will leave England and produce their products in another European State in the future!

For Europe, the exit of England means no large financial losses. Germany will pay the missing 7 billion, which otherwise have been paid by England (UK) in the European Union, petty cash, but in return the EU receives a strong partner Scotland, that has many abundant natural resources such as oil.

The greatest danger for Europe will be, that the danger of a 3. World War II is increased by 30%!

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