Turkey: Latest travel warning by the Federal Foreign Office (Europe / Germany)

The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic warns against travel to Turkey (status 20.07.2017)!

Turkey travelers are cautioned about special caution! It is even advised not to travel to different provinces and cities!

Quote from the website of the Federal Foreign Office >>

It is strongly advised not to travel to the border area of ​​Turkey to Syria and Iraq, in particular to the towns of Diyarbakır, Cizre, Silopi, Idil, Yüksekova and Nusaybin as well as the provinces of Mardin, Şırnak and Hakkâri.

There is an increased risk for travelers in the provinces of Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman, Bitlis, Bingol, Siirt, Muş, Tunceli, Şırnak, Hakkâri and Van. All non-compulsory travel to these areas should be avoided. It will continue to be very cautious. The latest media coverage should be followed closely.

<< End of quote

Our comment:

The situation in Turkey is growing! Turkey tried repeatedly and unjustly to impose its non-rightful rights in Germany and the EU, partly extortionate!

Thus, Turkey repeatedly denied the entry of German politicians who wanted to visit the NATO base!

Turkey is slowly developing into a dictatorship, and Erdo * ahn wants with all its might to reintroduce the death penalty in Turkey!

This is untenable, and we find it right that Germany and Europe also have the consequences here!