Brexit and the consequences

venezuela_warenkorbBrexit: GB 23 billion debt to EU open – UK breaks a labour market – GBP (pound) crashes on – forecasts of economic growth down in the cellar – aborted negotiations: US and EU countries reject negotiations so long exit from the EU still not requested by UK!

Ha ha ha, you can choose not just the best!

EU can only escape UK from EU if before the debt amounting to 23 billion were paid back euro! UK has received a discount of 30% compared to other EU countries for decades! Taken to the benefits of the EU – UK did not adhere to mostly the obligations! Interest rates are now also been lowered, so that many investors lose interest on savings – but England has a high per-capita debt! Banks, insurance companies and many other European companies want to leave England! -Rental in London tumble down!

That it comes out when you choose idiots in politics!

The same danger threatens us also if too many "stupid" in Germany the AfD or in Spain choose the Podemos!

Check out but also Turkey, where too many "stupid" for choosing the Erdowahn – party and where voters remain still stupid not to notice that shifts the Turkey into a dictatorship, and soon the "be eradicated", which are uncomfortable, because as politicians of other parties, public press, teachers and professors who still see the truth, gays and lesbians, who otherwise live and all other citizens , which are not the views of Erdowahn!

It is time at last to understand that never was better us in Europe, than ever before!

Everyone has everything and everyone gets a minimum income, even the lazy who have no desire to go to work in Germany! No refugee takes away a German! If this is so claimed by the AfD and Pegida, this lies are! And who laments that pensions are too low, should also think about, that formerly with 50/60 people have died and the life expectancy by our good medicine has risen to 80 years! That means that this money must be made by the remaining wage earners and therefore the relationship is quite different!

The Socialist politician (SPD) have also looted at that time the pension funds, so that today, the reserves are missing! Only that should be blamed not the CDU. In addition, always the supposed Socialists have promised much as today in Spain the Podemos citizens lie that this monthly to get 2400 euro, even if they don't work! With normal sense everyone must remember that this can be only lies and you can see, however, what these lies, brought examples of other countries, such as the GDR, which was bankrupt in 1989 and "was bought by the German Federal Republic"!

West Germany has for years paid for worthless companies, roads, infrastructure and again created the infrastructure! People in the East would be the GDR not been reunited, were starved and it would be if necessary come to a war! The CDU has created the reunification and has ensured that, also in the East, citizens who have paid never in the West German pension funds, get also their pension and even aligned on the same Nivau, as in West Germany in the next few years!

And look at Venezuela, where today people starve to death! Also here the Socialists have meant super well with the people, it has given just like in the DDR, high promises and in the first years built built – and then, politicians are infected hundreds of billions into their own pockets and done nothing more for the people, so that this starved today!

To see the realities: there the citizens slaughtered their pets because they can no longer provide them and at the same time they have used for food and use or you are looking for in the garbage bags, to still find a little food, because the supermarkets are empty and if there something, then it is super expensive! So again: Who extreme right or extreme left selects, nothing is positive change, but rather, by he's alive, in the ruin lead his country and the result will be that we all be starving or lose many people in a war!

Wondering exactly what you're really doing!

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